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Meet the Staff of Louie Dominion's Deals on Wheels

Mike Pullam - General Manager

269-925-3325 - mipull5@yahoo.com

Mike has been with us for 6+ years. He is the general manager here at deals on wheels. He is amazing at his job. Customers love him, the banks love him, & we do too! To Mike the Deals On Wheels team is his 2nd family. He takes his job to a whole other level. His dedication for the customers & his employees is top notch! He has a heart of gold & a amazing dog (Ralpheeee) that is our Deals On Wheels mascot.

Phil Franklin "Philli Cheese steak" - Sales Associate

269-783-3325 - deals56155@yahoo.com

Phil Franklin is a key sales team member. He has been with our Deals On Wheels Benton Harbor Location, for 12+ years. Funny man AKA- Philli Cheese steak is always a treat to speak too. He keeps everyone entertained here at Deals On Wheels. If you don’t like dealing with stuff sales people that are pushy, Phil is the man for you! He is down to earth & just an all-around good guy, that looks out for his customers best intrest. He has a loyal base of return customers that will only deals with him. Although we have a great staff Phil has a extremely loyal customers base. See why….

Joe Rhew “Rhew Dog” - Sales Associate

269-925-3325 - joedealsonwheels@yahoo.com

Joe “Rhew Dog” Rhew has been with use here at Deals for 4+ years. He is loveable & loyal! Like a dog with a bone he always get his customer the best deal available. If they are in the market for a used vehicle that we don’t have in stock Joe Dog hunts it down for you. If there is something you are looking for & haven’t found it Joe is the guy that you want to contact. Joe gets you what you need, when you need it!

Ralpheeee - Mascot


Ralpheeee Our Deals Oh Wheels Mascot

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